Welcome to, the world’s most progressive egg-based multiplayer shooter! It resembles your most loved front line amusement yet… with eggs.

What number of shooting .io amusements have you at any point played on our site? Have you at any point picked up a title of the best shooter in this world? In the event that truly, for what reason don’t you bounce into the primary screen of and after that demonstrate your amazing shooting expertise? I’m certain that you before long become hopelessly enamored with this amusement since it gives huge amounts of marvelous things to investigate.

What’s New in is an intriguing multiplayer first-individual shooter diversion that is created as an io amusement. This is extremely an extraordinary diversion with addictive ongoing interaction and charming designs. A colossal number of foes who are genuine players from around the globe, shooting furiously in an extensive and smoke-fire combat zone, and a quick paced interactivity are some center highlights that this diversion offers. Bounce into the amusement universe of and join the network of gamers, you will feel bunches of energizing encounters that have never observed.

  • Get breaking with numerous character classes, for example, the Scrambler and Free Ranger.
  • Equip ground-breaking weapons running from EggK-47s to the Dozen Gauge shotgun.
  • Wage war over various insane scenes as you battle for matchless quality versus insane eggs from around the globe.

Watch out or you’ll get yolked! Feel the eggstacy of triumph… also, the eggony of thrashing… as you fight to end up a definitive Shell Shocker!

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Method to Play

The following amazing thing is that the fight occurs in the 3D condition. Everything looks genuine and enthusiastic with the goal that you may feel that you’re in a real war.

In any case, you possess no energy for appreciating the scene in light of the fact that there are huge amounts of adversaries encompassing. Furthermore, in case you’re not watchful, you can be shot by anybody. That is the reason you have to flame wildly and in the meantime evade shrewdly. Never demonstrate your kindness to any adversary or you will pass on and can’t obtain the best position on the leaderboard.


  • Move: WASD
  • Fire: Left Mouse Button
  • Reload: R
  • Swap Weapon: E
  • Jump: Space

Rather than searching for new weapons in transit, you can transform them uninhibitedly. Also, what you gather is accessible packs of eggs so as to expand the number of slugs. Alright?

In spite of the fact that you simply complete a just activity of shooting, this amusement gives you unfathomable and awesome minutes. I’m certain that you can’t quit playing until picking up the most noteworthy position to substantiate yourself as the best shooter.

Kinds of egg-warrior in this Game

As referenced above, there are three kinds of egg in this diversion. They are Soldier, Scrambler, and Free Ranger. How about we discover these eggs!

Officer: This egg claims an eggk-47 firearm with an amazing flame rate. Its exactness is likewise normal yet its harm capacity is very low. What’s more, its range is additionally low, so you just should utilize it to slaughter adversaries in the short range.

Scrambler: It is a ground-breaking egg with astonishing harm capacity and high frame rate. It nearly can slaughter any foes just in one shot. Be that as it may, the shortcoming of this egg is that its precision is exceptionally low.

Free Ranger: This egg possesses a strike rifle CSG-1 with supreme harm capacity, exactness, and range. Presumably, this is the most dominant egg in this amusement with the capacity to murder any adversaries in any range with just a single shot. Notwithstanding, the shortcoming of CSG-1 is that it is flame rate is exceptionally low.

Unmistakable highlights

Redo include: In this amusement, you can tweak your egg’s appearance and controls of the diversion. In detail, you can change the shading, weapon, cap, and adornments for your egg by clicking “Prepare” on the menu screen. Likewise, click on setting, you can change controls of this amusement by the catches that you feel progressively recognizable.

Multiplayer mode: is a multiplayer amusement so you can appreciate and contend with numerous different players from around the globe.

All New Features

Capacity to make a private diversion: On the menu screen, you will see a catch “Make private amusement”, click here and you will make your very own amusement. With this component, you can share the connection with your companions to welcome them to join your amusement. Furthermore, obviously, from that point onward, both you and your companions will have an extraordinary fight against one another in that diversion.

Talk with different players: In, you can turn on the visit capacity to visit with numerous different players. This element is so intriguing in light of the fact that it enables you to cooperate with numerous other individuals. Additionally, this component is substantially more fascinating when you play in the private amusement with your companion. Strategy

Eggs aren’t as delicate in this amusement as you figure they would be-don’t be reluctant to hop down from statures. I guarantee you won’t finish up like Humpty Dumpty, yet you’ll be excellent at sneaking up on your foes from above.

Tips and Traps

  • Exploit accessible boxes to cover up or counterattack.
  • Picking a high position and shooting the adversaries from behind is the best technique.

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